We have put together various packages with culinary experiences combinded with accommodation and other exciting activities. We hope these will inspire you to come and explore innherred.

Norways culinary region

Trøndelag is the leading culinary region in the country and we extend a warm welcome with pride and enthusiasm to visit us here in the middle of Norway. Trøndelag has a huge diversity from sea to mountains and everything in between, with a large production environment


Innherred in Trøndelag, just an hour North of Trondheim, offers a voyage of discovery with a huge diversity of local food production. Not forgetting nature experiences for all ages, with a scenery characterized by rolling landscape by the sea and vast mountain areas and Blåfjella- Skjækerfjella National Park.

Culinary Experiences with accommodation

The following are a list of various packages with culinary experiences combined with accommodation and other exciting activities.  We hope these will entice you to innherred.

Borgenfjorden round trip with accommodation

Experience the Golden Road and the Borgenfjorden from the seat of a bike. We meet you at Sparbu Train station with bikes and route description. We will of course transport your luggage to the hotel

“Jul Igjen” Christmas Faire

“Jul igjen” at Stiklestand is suitable for the whole family. We have put together a nice package with accommodation, Christmas lunch and entrance to the “Jul Igjen” Christmas Fair.

Beer, culinary – and aqauavit experiences

Experience the Golden Road in winter with cosy accommodation at Husfrua Country Farm Hotel, aquavit tasting at Berg Farm and a delicious beer and cuisine at Inderøy Farm Brewery.

The cultural happening of the year!

Experience the Drama about St. Olav during the Olsok festival at Stiklestad in Verdal and combine it with a tour of the Golden Road in Inderøy –  We help you with your planning!

Girlfriends on a slightly different pilgrimage

From Stiklestad to Ekne and Falstadsenteret. 3 days in beautiful nature and with delicious local food at every stop. On this journey yothat food producers and restaurants have developed in collaboration. What could be better than combining this with hiking and biking along the beautiful pilgrim trail.

Hiking friendly destination – Innherred

Come to hiking friendly Innherred in North-Trøndelag and experience pilgrimage hikes, cultural historic hikes and summit hikes combined with delicious local food.

Mountain Farm Fare – Experience Lake Snåsavatnet

Come to Innherred and experience genuine summer mountain farm fare in the mountain farm village of Snåsa. Sour cream porridge, “gomme”, brown cheese, homemade jams and juices and other traditional mountain farm fare.