Experience guided walks in the reconstructed town of Steinkjer and the Wooden House Town of Levanger.

Guidet city walk in Steinkjer

Steinkjer municipality has an exciting history; parts of the city burned down in the city fire of 1900 and it was re-built in the Art-Noveau style. During WWII Steinkjer city was carpet-bombed and virtually all of the city centre was laid in ruines. The city was rebuilt during and after the war. Today, the city is characterised by four districts, divided by the river and the railway.

We start the guided walk at the City Hall and end at Steinkjer church. During the walk, we see that Steinkjer is a distinctive reconstructed city of recovery, while several street names in the city reflect prehistoric heyday and important historical milestones. After the tour you may want to look at Steinkjer town with a somewhat different eyes. The walk takes approx. 1 hour.

Time: By prior appointment
Place: Start at Steinkjer town hall
Time: 1 hour
Price for groups: NOK 750 (Mon – Fri) / NOK 1000 (Sat – Sun)


Guided city walks in Steinkjer and Levanger

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Guided city walk in Levanger

Join us on a guided walk in Levanger. Bli med på guidet byvandring i Levanger. We walk through the city, get told its history and take a closer look at some of the buildings. Levanger is one of Norway’s most interesting wooden hous cities with great national cultural heritage value.

The buildings in the centre are distinctive and unique in a national context, especially the Swiss and Art Nouveau-style wooden buildings. Levanger has one of a few uniform settlements throughout Norway from the period 1896 – 1904 and has retained much of the distinctive character as a wooden house town from this time. Futher back in history, Levanger was a marketplace and there are traces from the Middle Ages. The National Antiquarian has approved cultural heritage preservation of large parts of the centre.

Time:By prior appointment
Levanger city centre
Time: 1-2 hours
Price for groups:
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