Experience the magical Christmas season’s atmosphere and good old-fashioned Christmas fun with the smell of mulled wine, pastries, Christmas trees, and slides! Here we have made an overview of some of the Christmas markets at Innherred.

Christmas markets at Innherred

We hope you can take the time to relax in the Christmas season. Time to enjoy the fun, the atmosphere, and the fact that the dark season is soon approaching. Enjoy being with those you love and enjoy warm mulled wine and good conversations with us at Innherred.

Christmas at Gulburet. Photo L.A Holme

Christmas Market Fair in Levanger | 24 – 26 November

Get into the Christmas spirit with the Christmas-marked fair in the Levanger center. Cultural events, stalls, music, and sales of good food and drink. Christmas entertainment is on 24 November.

“Straumjul” | 26 November

Christmas market in Straumen center at Inderøy, with food and drinks, gifts, activities, arts and crafts. Christmas tree decoration.

«Julesjau i Snåsa»| 26 November

Christmas market at Krogsgården in Snåsa. Delicious food, crafts, and Christmas activities. Any chance of a Santa Claus?

Christmas Day at Berg Farm | 3 December

Annual Christmas market with vendors, Christmas farm shop, serving on the Slakteriloftet, and sale of corn ribbons and Christmas trees.

Christmas in Tunet | Ytterøy Bygdetun | 3. december

Experience a great pre-Christmas atmosphere up in Ytterøy bygdetun with vendors, a Christmas workshop for children, entertainment, and a sale of patches, sausage, mulled wine, and coffee. And in mastua, you can experience the old traditions with gum, blood food, and more. Any chance of a Santa Claus?

“Christmas again” at Stiklestad | 3. and 4. December

Traditional Christmas marked. Experience demonstrations of old crafts and cooking. Children can participate in Christmas preparations, meet the Christmas elf, and hear Christmas stories from the old days.

Andre førjulsarrangement på Innherred

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