Steinkjer is a Renaissance town where you can shop for Christmas in cosy niche shops or at the Amfi centre. Additionally, the traditional Christmas street has been reopened.

Christmas in Steinkjer. Photo Attila Haugen

Enjoy a pleasant Christmas season by shopping at Steinkjer’s Christmas markets!

Christmas in Steinkjer. Photo Attila Haugen

The city is decorated in all its Christmas splendour, from downtown via Amfi to Byggmakker on the North Side, and there are many bargains on Christmas gifts for the whole family!

Shopping in Steinkjer. Photo Leif Arne Holme

You can find many small and cozy boutiques at Kongens gate in Steinkjer center if you are looking for something different from the typical clothing shops.

Shopping in Steinkjer. Photo Leif Arne Holme

Husfliden, Mathilde, Kreativ, Malmo Sport, Sotto, Steinkjer Bookstore, Bankgården with Baker’n and Chef, to name a few.

Amfi Steinkjer, Midt-Norge’s largest shopping centre, features more than 100 different shops and restaurants.

Shopping in Steinkjer. Photo Leif Arne Holme

If you travel to the city’s north side, you can visit Byggmakker, which sells a variety of exciting gift and home decor items, as well as gift vouchers for useful items!

Relaxing at the cafe.Photo Leif Arne Holme

Visit one of the many cafés in the city to relax and enjoy some tasty food and beverages!

Relaxing at the cafe.Photo Leif Arne Holme

We invite you to join us on pole hunting in an Advent costume. A total of 24 poles with historical gems lead you around Steinkjer’s shopping district. Prepare yourself for the new year by trimming yourself. The deadline for registering found poles is 31 December.


Christmas street lighting | Thursday, November 17, 6 p.m.

Christmas street lighting in Kongens gt., in front of Byggmakker and AMFI Shopping Center, creates a festive atmosphere. With open shops in the centre, the programme begins at 17.30–18.30. From 18:30 to 22:00, Amfi also offers its own Christmas programme.

Farmer’s Market Nov. 26 from 11 am to 4 pm

Good Christmas cuisine and excellent Christmas gifts are available here! Welcome to the Christmas edition of the farmer’s market!

Christmas chair lighting on Oftenåsen | Sat, November 26th, 4-6pm

Sparebank1SMN and Oftenåsen Vel are pleased to invite you to a lighting of the Christmas tree at Oftenåsen. The mayor will light the Christmas tree at 4 p.m., followed by music with Tomas Brøndbo.Les mer her

Advent at Egge: November 27, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

A good Christmas atmosphere with life and joy, delicious tastes and aromas, imaginative activities, and Christmas music is provided by Egge Museum for the whole family!

Les mer her


Christmas lights on the square | November 27th, 5 p.m.

On the first Sunday of Advent, there will be a walk around the tree and gifts for the children. Steinkjer Men’s Choir, Steinkjer Janitsjar, Anne Lise Voll, and Monica Binde Kvarving provide entertainment.

The visit of the Christmas PepsiMax bus | Thursday 1 December from 11 am to 8 pm

There will be music and entertainment in the square when the PepsiMax bus comes on its Christmas tour! There will be a good atmosphere and tastings for everyone.

Christmas Market | Thursday 8 December from 17:00 to 20:00

You are invited to the Christmas market at the vibrant community centre! There will be entertainment by students from Steinkjer cultural school, and a sale of Christmas baking goods, crafts, coffee and cakes.

Christmas Tree Sale | Saturday 10 December from 8 am to 5 pm

How about a local Christmas tree this year? The sale of the traditional Christmas tree starts at Steinkjer downtown. Open daily until Christmas Eve between 08-17 hours.

Steinkjer Centre’s Christmas calendar

We’re counting down to Christmas Eve with an Advent calendar with a new twist this year. You will find 24 Christmas-related, diverse experiences that you can engage in for free. Follow along to find out what option is hidden behind each hatch.


The pole hunt!

This year, the red Christmas poles are given polka-dot stripes and are placed in front of 24 shops and places along a circular route that ties the city together. From the 1st of  December to the 5th of January you can partake in the hunt and engage in the draw for exciting prizes. Prizes are drawn between those who have walked the entire trail – 24 poles. The prizes will be drawn in January 2023!

Shopping break

Getting tired and hungry from shopping? Then take some time to relax on the ground with some good food and drink.

Kongens Gate in the heart of Steinkjer offers locally produced, high-quality food from Chef, Ox and Famille. Steinkjer literally abounds with cosy cafes and restaurants. There is also delicious Christmas food available at Quality Hotel Grand Steinkjer during the run-up to the holidays.

Relax between “battles” at one of Amfi Steinkjer’s many restaurants and cafes, which serve everything from ice cream to Thai cuisine. provides a comprehensive list of restaurants.

In the run-up to Christmas, treat yourself to a one-of-a-kind dining experience.

The gourmet restaurant “Experience” at Kulturgarden Bjerkem in Henning in Steinkjer offers all-night gourmet experiences featuring organic, locally sourced food.
Kim Sjbakk, the owner and head chef, has extensive experience from Michelin-starred restaurants in London, which he has brought to Steinkjer. You get an experience for life at Experience, not just a palate experience.

Why not round out your Christmas shopping with an activity?

Lykkeland Steinkjer is Steinkjer’s all-ages adventure centre! Under the same roof, they have laser games, bowling, and a playground. They also have comfortable seating, good food and drinks,   a shuffleboard, and a variety of entertainment machines.

A concert as well as a cultural experience?

If you want to cap off your Christmas festivities with a cultural experience then follow the Kulturscenen Vårt Hejm Facebook page. They are constantly adding new events to their calendar.

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