In the old days, every farm had its own recipe and secret ingredients for beer and and other drinks. The tradition is maintained today by dedicated producers at innherred! Read on for information about farm breweries and distilleries in Innherred.

Locally produced craft beer

The tradition of locally produced beer is today maintained by Inderøy Farm Brewery, Gulburet, Grana Brewery and Fæby Farm Brewery. Malt and hops of good quality help to give the beer a distinctive and full-bodied taste.


You can buy the beer from Inderøy Farm Brewery at their farm shop and it is also on sale in grocery stores and at wine monopoly. Tou can alos enjoy theri craft beer at dineries in Innherred. At Gulburet, beer is produced on tap, and you can only enjoy this beer at Gulburet farm cafe. Liv Elin at Gulburet even bakes barley bread with mash and beer in her farm bakery.

Snåsa and Steinkjer

Grana Brewery in Snåsa offers a good atmosphere, accommodation and good hostmanship, while in Steinkjer you will find Northern Europe’s smallest beer sale next door to Kulturscenen Vårt Hjem. There you can buy beer from Midtpunktet brewery in your own bottles.


At Fæby Farm Brewery in Verdal, they have a unique beer concept; a total dining package where beer is in focus through good dining experiences! Fæby is perfect for large and small meetings, and other social gatherings. They also sell their beer directly to the consumer, from their taproom or farm shop. Additionally you can buy their beer at God Mat Lokalt at Røra In Inderøy.

Øl fra Fæby bryggeri. Foto: Espen Storhaug

Aquavit distillery

Inderøy caraway has inspired Svein Berfjord at Berg Farm to resume an old tradition; aquavit distilling. 116 years after the last bottle was bottled at Sundnes Distillery in Inderøy, the tradition has resurfaced at Berg Gård. The aquavit can be enjoyed in special tulip glasses that you can buy in the farm shop at  Berg Farm. However, bottles of the aquavit can only be bought the Vine Monopoly (due to Norwegian liquor laws). Berg Farm are fylly licensed, so you can of course enjoy aquavit while having a meal in their restaurant Slakteriloftet. You can also join aquavit tastings – in the summer season Berg Farm offer regular aquavit tasting sessions. The rest of the year, the offer is open to groups.

Beer and aquavit tasting

Several of the producers offer group experiences where their beer or aquavit is in focus. It is also possible to put together package with several experiences, good food and drink and of course accommodation. Contact us and we will help you with the planning!

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