Blåfjella – Skjækerfjella / Låarte-Skæhkere National Park is one of Southern Norway’s largest contiguous wilderness areas.

Villmark og kulturlandskap

The landscape is characterised by low mountain areas with gentle terrains. What makes this area so distinctive are the many mountain valleys, ancient settlement and large contiguous woodlands that are relatively untouched by humans. Vegetation is also characterised by large marshes, sparse forest and bare mountain. Midtiklumpen mountain at 1333 m.a.s.l. is the national park’s highest mountain.

The national park is in the municipalities of Verdal, Steinkjer, Snåsa, Grong and Lierne, with gateways in each municipality. There are many trails here and some of them are well marked and sign posted. In winter there are no marked trails or prepared tracks. 

You can still see traces of the old cultural landscape in several places. Examples are: old roads, summer mountain farms, swmpy mountain – and marshland and Sami cultural monuments.

Sami history

Blåfjella – Skjækerfjella / Låarte-Skæhkere National Park is not just wilderness – it is also a cultural landscape formed through generations of South Sami reindeer husbandry. It has been and still is a central south Sami area. The Sami have used the area for hundreds of years and the landscape is full of Sami cultural monuments that are not so easy to see with the naked eye. Sami cultural monuments can be sacred places, gatherings sites, ancient settlements, animal pits, sacrificial sites and other traces of human activity. All Sami cultural monuments older than 100 years are automatically protected.

Within the national park there are two reindeer grazing districts: Skjækerfjell reindeer grazing district and Luru reindeer grazing district.

Hunting and fishing

The national park is a haven for those into hunting and fishing. In the higher laying waters, there are excellent opportunities for catching trout and char. The national park is also known for good stocks of grouse and forest birds. As for big game, it is mainly moose hunting, however hunting for moose is not allowed in what was previously Gressåmoen National Park.

Fiskeguide - Snåsa Fjellstyre

Her finner du blant annet et utvalg av Snåsafjellas 1500 fiskevann, fjellstyrets hytter og båter, aktive setre i Snåsa og utleiebåter. Les våre konkrete fisketips, se bilder fra området og planlegg din neste tur til Snåsafjella! Kartet kan zoomes inn og ut gjennom flere kartlag, og du kan selv velge hvilke ikoner du vil se ved å krysse av i avkrysningsboksen.

Cabin reantal

Fjellstyrene, Statskog, Værdalsbruket, Steinkjer Kommuneskoger and The Norwegian Trekking Association offer accommodation in 13 cabins in the national park.


There are numerous places to access the Blåfjella-Skjækerfjella National Park, however it is easiest to use one of the 6 facilitated gateways where there is parking, maps and information boards.


There are many great opportunities for outdoor activities in and around the national park. The most popular destination is The Norwegian Geographical Midpoint – a hike of around 20 km rount trip. See more exciting tour suggestions below.


In the areas around the national park, there are several offering activities. How about canoeing or guided cave – or mine tours?

The mountain farms in Snåsa

Hiking to the mountain farms is a wonderful mountain trip over several days through Blåfjella-Skjækerfjella National Park, and you can stay overnight in the mountain farms. There is a total of 4 mountain farms in the Snåsafjella mountains. Gaundalen and Gjevsjøen have ordinary farm operations throughout the year, while Holden Mountain farm is only operational as a Summer Mountain Farm. Gressåmoen is uninhabited but can be rented and there is a road accessible with your car almost all the way to the farm. Gaundalen mountain farm (from the 17th century) and Gjefsjøen mountain farm (from 1790) are privately owned and available for hire year-round. The owners offer both accommodation, hunting and fishing.

Map and compass, a well packed backpack and hiking boots are required. Maps are sold at the tourist office in Steinkjer.

Three of the farms can be reached from FV 322 from Breude to Grønningen.
Gressåmoen can be reached from Lurudalen. Toll road on all access roads.

Public Right of Access and safety while hiking

Do you know where you are allowed to put up your tent and what to pack for a mountain trip? Here are our safety tips for you!

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