Innherred and the surrounding area of the Trondheim Fjord is a paradise for birdwatchers from around the world. Short distance to Værnes and easily accessible viewing platforms and photo towers makes the area well organised.

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On Tronestangen in Verdal more than 200 different bird species have been observed. Trones and Ørin in Verdal is a paradise for bird watching. Several bird towers have been built in the vicinity of known habitats. The areas in Innherred house several thousand pink-footed geese from mid April to mid May. In addition, a number of other water bird species can be seen in this area.

Leksdalsvatnet houses the largest concentration of nesting grebes in Norway, up to 50 pairs. Of other species that are regularly observed in the region include Gadwall, Shoveler and Garganey. Both in Hammervatnet and Leksdalsvatnet Marsh Harrier can be periodically seen and Sedge Warbler is a fixed nesting bird.

The map above displays the best bird localities in the Trondheim fjord area. «Tower icon” shows the bird tower, “binoculars icon” shows other good bird localities and “camera icon” shows commercial photohides (approximate positional information). When you tap the icon you will find pictures and information about the birds that exist and when and how to get the greatest benefit from your visit here (in English). You will also find recent bird sightings from the locality (in Norwegian).