Experience the Golden Road and Norway’s history by bike. Spend 3 days experiencing traditional Trønder food, scenery and history. Learn about Saint Olav and enjoy the taste of exciting local food.

Biking package with three nights accommodation, luggage transfers, maps and route descriptions.

The route passes through beautiful landscapes from Steinkjer via the Golden Route to Stiklestad, in North-Trøndelag – just an hour north of Trondheim .

Difficulty: Medium
Distance: 71 km
Suitable for: Adults and children with some bike experience.
PS: If you choose to continue on to Munkeby and The Falstad Centre in Levanger, the trip will of course be longer.

Day 1 – Steinkjer to Straumen in Inderøy

The trip includes three nights accommodation, the first at Quality Hotel Grand Steinkjer the night before you start your trip. In the morning after a good nights sleep, you head towards Straumen in Inderøy along the Golden Route. Along the way you enjoy lunch in the cafe at Gulburet before reaching your destination in Straumen: a charming hotel in Straumen. Friendly hosts, delicious food and beautiful views, as well as a handful of charming niche shops awaits you.

Day 2 – Straumen to Stiklestad

Day two takes you to Mære church, the burial mounds at Skeifeltet and along Leksdalsvatnet before you end up at Stiklestad Hotel.

Along the route there are several great places to stop and enjoy your packed lunch provided by the hotel. If you feel like it, you can take a dip in the lake!

Day 3 – Stiklestad in Verdal to Munkeby in Levanger

At Stiklestad National Culture Centre can you walk in St. Olav’s footsteps and get Norway’s history conveyed through exhibitions and the museum. In Stiklestad, you stay and dine in nice surroundings at Stiklestad Hotel and eat well before you continue further along the pilgrim route St Olavsleden, Munkeby and then to Falstad, if you so choose.

Booking information: Historic bike ride from Steinkjer - the Golden Road - Stiklestad - Falstad


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