Berg Gård and Inderøy Gårdsbrenneri - sheep in a hammock - foto Magnar Kirkenes. Copyright: Berg Gård/Magnar Kirkenes
Selection of local food along The Golden Road. Copyright: Den Gyldne Omvei
Per-stu Photo: Steinar Johansen. Copyright: Steinar Johansen
View from
Slow down. Copyright: Den Gyldne Omvei
Awardwinning cheese from Gangstad Farm. Copyright: WilLee-Wright
Inderøy Gangstad Foto WilLee-Wright Syklister tar en pause i gårdstunet 2x1. Copyright: WilLee-Wright
Meet the cows at the farm. Copyright: WilLee Wright
Biking in Straumen at Inderøy, along the Borgenfjorden. Copyright: Lena Johnsen
Inderøy Øyna Foto WilLee-Wright Syklister tar en pause og beundrer utsikten på Øyna1 3000x1500. Copyright: WilLee Wright

The Golden Road


THE GOLDEN ROAD - In the heart of Trøndelag

The detour The Golden Road passes through beautiful scenery in the Municipality of Inderøy in North-Trøndelag.
Participants along the route offer food, art- and cultural experiences, where both tradition and innovation are taken into consideration.

Visit the craftsman in his workshop, or the farmer and buy his fresh food and crafted products. Enjoy traditional food made from old recipes in relaxing country yards. Here you will find a museum of Norway’s most recognised sculptor and a sculpture park nearby. You can choose between a modern hotel and several nostalgic Bed & Breakfasts.

Experience the Golden Road by car or from the seat of a bike. Choose between a large network of marked hiking trails.  The proximity to the fjord offers great opportunities for swimming, fishing, boating and outdoor activities. Or simply sit down and enjoy the beautiful views of green hills and fjords.  

The Golden Road opperates according to sustainable principles. However, being certified as a sustainable destination is an honour few qualify for. The Golden Route has, through many years,  demonstrated their lasting commitment to providing the best possible experiences for their guests, while keeping the negative impact of tourism to a minimum. In addition, The Golden Road continually works to improve their business practices and relations with the local community, following principles of sustainability.

"It takes 12 minutes to drive the E6 distance between Røra and Vist. The Golden Road takes 8 minutes more ... a day, a week, a summer, or an entire life …”

Enter the houses
Sample the treats
Listen to the stories
Feel the church wall
See the colours
Sense the art
Fish in the fjord
Meet the people
Take your respite in the farm yards
Immerse yourself in the countryside

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Phone: +47 74 40 17 16

7670 Inderøy
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