The commander's residence at Falstadsenteret

The commander's residence at Falstadsenteret

Falstadsenteret welcomes the public to the Commandant's House with the new permanent exhibition "Maktens ansikter". 

The exhibition "The views of power"
In the basement, where the original residents had their mess hall, dining room, bar, bowling and shooting alley, and refuge room, the exhibition "The Power's Views" is on display. It provides an opportunity to explore the stories of supremacy, power and counter-power in the SS barracks at Falstad. 

Using history as a starting point, it invites reflection and conversation on the connections between power, action, choice and responsibility.

The headquarters, in the rooms that were once the living and sleeping quarters of the German leadership, is established as a "democratic workshop" for changing activities.

The Glass House
In the new Glass House, which is the entrance to the commandant's residence, the sound work Ears of the Field by artist Siri Austeen plays, with birdsong from conflict-ridden areas of the world.

Welcome to a thought-provoking visit to a building that opens up important conversations.

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