The Summer Mouintan Farm Village of Snåsa

The Summer Mouintan Farm Village of Snåsa

Snåsa's mountain farms invite you to memorable experiences in Snåsa's mountain world!

In Snåsa, between 15-20 mountain farms are open every summer. The first farms open at the beginning of June, and the last do not close until the end of August. The cows graze on clean, fresh and herb-rich mountain grass which gives the milk and the farm products special qualities. Throughout the summer, you can experience the very special summer mountain farm life and taste genuine mountain farm products.

You have the opportunity to get close to different animals, taste good and genuine food actually produced on the farm, in addition to learning about the cultural history. Many also experience a tranquility in the mountains and on the farm that is not found in many other places.

The summer farms can be found all over Snåsa municipality, in the forest and in the mountains. Some you can drive a car to, others you have to walk a distance to. Visiting the summer farms are suitable for all age groups.

Snåsa has an active agriculture envioronment and the summer farms have been an important part of agriculture. In the 18th and 19th centuries, summer farming was very important in the summer and there may have been as many as 300 summer farms. As agriculture has developed, the number of summer farms has decreased. In 1960, summer farming was almost completely discontinued in Snåsa. But the remains of old summer farm walls and buildings are cultural-historical traces in nature that have aroused new interest in summer farming.