The Folk Museum at Stiklestad National Cultural Centre
©Stiklestad Nasjonale Kultursenter

The Folk Museum at Stiklestad National Cultural Centre

The Folk Museum at Stiklestad comprise of around 30 buildings, most from the 17- and 1800s. They are an important part of Stiklestad National Cultural Centre. The buildings and the surrounding areas are widely used  in the vivid storytelling that Stiklestad is known for. During «Stiklestad Summer» and the Christmas fair «Jul igjen» the buildings are brought to life with people in the houses, activities, singing and music.

Most buildings and artifacts document the old farming communities in Verdal and the surrounding villages. The traditional Trønder house Molåna shows how the main building on a large farm could look like. On the croft farm we can imagine how living conditions were for crofters and his family towards the end of the 1800s. In the past the threshing took place in the barn, they kept their food in the storehouse (Stabburet), the baker lived in the bakery and trader in the general store.

Stiklestad National Culture offers guided tours of the museum.

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