Enjoying the scenery by bike is something completely unique. Take in all the impressions the landscape has to offer. Stop for a rest en route, either at a farm cafe or your own picnic on a seating pad by the seaside.

See Borgenfjorden rundt in a larger map

Take the whole family and plan a cycling trip in friendly terrain in Innherred.

If you don’t have bikes with you, it’s easy to rent one at the tourist information office – book online on our website!

Start your trip in Steinkjer and follow the walking and bike path south along the E6 to Sørlia. From there, you feel the road parallel to the E6 highway to Vist and cross the E6 and continue on Sandvollanvegen. Right after the municipal boundary between Steinkjer and Inderøy you can either head out along the sea at Hustadlandet or continue straight ahead to Gangstad, where you will also come out if you choose to ride via Hustadlandet. At Gangstad there is a farm shop selling cheese, ice creams and other treasures from the Trøndelag pantry.

Continue to Heggstad Church, where you can choose to follow the gravel road on the seaward side of the church or the asphalt straight ahead. About 1.5 km from the intersection, where the gravel and sealed roads meet, (see map above), is Gulburet, a pleasant farm shop with fresh baking, sweet candy and friendly hosts.

Continue along the sealed road until you reach Straumen, where there is a grocery store, café and Nils Aas kunstverksted (art studio). Continue over the Straum Bridge and then ride a further 5 km before the road turns to the left, northwards along the fjord and the continue along the road as it is marked on the map (see above) to Mære Church and Mære Agricultural School, across the E6 highway towards Heistad and the Skei burial ground (Skeifeltet). Heistad and the Skei Area contains larger memorial stones and several burial mounds full of history.

Continue towards Lysheim by Lake Leksdalsvatnet and then along the road on the western side of the lake to Stiklestad. At Stiklestad you will find accommodation and places to eat.