Berg Farm and Inderøy aquavit distillery . Copyright: Berg Gård
Aquavit tasting at Berg Farm and Inderøy Distillery. Copyright: Berg Gård
The distillery. Copyright: Visit Innherred
Berg farm - in the courtyard. Copyright: Berg Gård
Berg farm - cured ham. Copyright: Berg Gård
Berg Gård and Inderøy Gårdsbrenneri - sheep in a hammock - foto Magnar Kirkenes. Copyright: Berg Gård/Magnar Kirkenes
A selection of Berg farm's products. Copyright: Visit Innherred
Inderøy Berg Gård Foto VI Innvendig Brenneriet stemning lys 2x1. Copyright: Visit Innherred
Aquavit tasting at Berg Farm along the Golden Road in Inderøy. Copyright: Visit Innherred

Aquavit tasting at Berg Farm


Berg Farm & Inderøy Distillery is situated along The Golden Road, in scenic surroundings just 2 km from Kjerknesvågen in Inderøy.

Join us for a unique experience with storytelling and aquavit tasting in the distillery where we produce the aquavit. Surrounded by rustic barrels filled with precious drops with a view into the production facility you can enjoy and assimilate knowledge in perfect harmony.

After 116 years without, trønder aquavit is again in production, in the form of local aquavit in Inderøy. The first precious drops were bottled in 2015. We use our own grown caraway in the making of the aquavit. Old traditions and receipes have been given a new lease of life, together with innovation and experimentation with new and exciting taste sensations within aquavit. We take you into the room where the aquavit barrels are stored, regale you with aquavit stories, tell you about the production and the process, while we taste the various aquavits.

We welcome groups to aquavit experiences all year by prior appointment. Why not combine with a very local meal at Slakteriloftet at Berg Farm.

Contact us for a no obligation offer. We customise arrangements according to your wishes and needs.
Tel: +47 74 40 17 16

Kilde: Innherred reiseliv AS
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Phone: +47 74 15 52 07
Mobile phone: 971 31 405
Kjelvikvegen 71
7670 Inderøy
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