The Labyrinth Trifolium in Steinkjer
©Steinkjer Kommune

The Labyrinth Trifolium in Steinkjer

Come and explore the labyrinth Trifolium in Steinkjer
- a fun activity for children and grown-ups alike!

The labyrinth was constructed in 2011 and is 1300 m long and covers an area of 2500 m2.
Trifolium is latin and means 3 leaves. Steinkjer's municipality flower is the Red Clover which is Trifolium Pratense in latin. The labyrinth has a large red clover leaf as part of its shape.

Berry picking
The labyrinth consists of 3300 bushes of Amelanchier canadensis. A lot of people might not know that a tasty small berry grow on these bushes, just as tasty as blueberries.  Your fingers nor your mouth turn blue, as is the case when picking blueberries. But you have to be quick, because when the starlings get a taste of the berries, they will demolish the berries rather speedily. The berries are ripe around August.  Remeber to bring your own bucket.

Free entrance.
The labyrinth Trifolium is situated just by Steinkjer train station, bwteen the tourist office and Amfi shopping mall.