The Drama about St. Olav
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The Drama about St. Olav

The performances in 2020 are cancelled due to the Corona pandemic.

Join a magical journey in history - back to the time the Vikings ruled the country. Experience the battle of Stiklestad and Olav Haraldssond's death at close range - watch "The Drama about St. Olav".

“The Drama about St. Olav” is at the centre of the festival “St. Olav's days at Stiklestad” that takes place every year at the end of July. In 2021 the festival is on between 24.-29.July, while there will be 4 performances of "The Drama of St. Olav" on the  TBC.

The play evolves from year to year and has a magical grip on its audience. To date, well over 800,000 people have watched the play where Olav Haraldsson's is defeated at Stiklestad since its premiere in 1954. The play is performed on the largest and oldest open-air amfi theater in the Nordic countries. About 700 people are involved in and around the performance. Professional actors are on stage together with amateurs. The orchestra is also composed of professionals and amateurs. “The Drama about St. Olav” is performed on the very battlefield, Stiklestad, where Olav Haraldsson fell in 1030. It happens in an environment and with a framework that only nature, history and skilled performers can create. The amfi theatre can seat just over 5,500 spectators.

Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday7/27/2022
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