The Cultural Trail Straumen - Vangshylla in Inderøy

The Cultural Trail Straumen - Vangshylla in Inderøy


The cultural trail Vangshylla – Straumen is probably the first country road in Utøy, seeing as it goes along the fjord, where the first settlement was. Today, the trail is almost 18 km long and involves 62 different landowners. You can walk the path in its entirety (5-6 hours), or select one of several natural stages. 

Along the trail there are several cultural, historical and botanical sights, which are described in more detail on special information boards (about 50 in total). On the information boards you can read about historical sites, plants and animals. And about the people who lived here. At you can make a virtual journey along the route - with details of all the historical points along the way, and also a little more!

Trail map

The hiking map (foldable) shows the entire cultural trail and is useful to take along on the trip. The maps are available at the starting points. The map can also be ordered here:

NEW: Hike one leg/stage and return by bike

From 2019 we offer one way hire of bikes along the route. This means you can walk one stage, either it is the entire route or part ofthe route, and the bikes will be wating for you at the agreed end point. The bike hire can be booked through our web page.