Mountain Farm Fare - Experience Lake Snåsavatnet

Mountain Farm Fare - Experience Lake Snåsavatnet

In early June, the first summer mountain farms open their doors to the public and the last of the farms keeps open until mid August.

Holsingseteren, Eggenseteren, Båsdalsvollen and Harøya are some of the 15 summer mountain farms that give you the opportunity to experience the fairly special mountain farm life and taste genuine mountain farm fare, in the summer mountain farm village of Snåsa in North-Trøndelag.

We offer a 2 day package including accommodation at Holsingseteren summer mountain farm. The hike betwenn pastures offers delicious food, encounters with farm animals, old traditions in a more modern setting and beautiful scenery.

Price pr person: From NOK. 750,- adults / 500,- children
Price includes: Accommodation x  1 nighr and sour cream porridge (Norwegian speciality) on arrival.
Periode 2022: 25. juni - 28. juli.

For more information and booking contact us through this email-form.

  • Activities
    • Fishing possibilities
    • Hiking
    • Nature trails
    • Outdoor sportsground
  • Atmosphere
    • Nice
    • Relaxed
  • Other accommodation
    • Summer farm
  • Type of animal
    • Cat
    • Cocks/hens
    • Dog
    • Horses
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