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Fishing in Gåstjønna in Snåsa - guided by Holsingsetra

Fishing in Gåstjønna in Snåsa - guided by Holsingsetra


Gåstjønna is located east of Brannheiklumpen mountain, 818 metres above sea level, and west of Raubeinklumpen mountain. The municipal border between Steinkjer and Snåsa goes right over Gåstjønna.

The terrain around tjønna (big pond) is high mountains with little vegetation and has great views to both Raubeinklumpen and Brannheiklumpen. Gåstjønna has nice trout of excellent quality.

The tour can start with breakfast at Holsingsetra, before driving 4 km to the river Brannåa. We go hiking up west of Bjønndalen until we reach the mountain chain. Then we hike further into Bjønndalen where we walk through the old untouched virgin forest that leads us up to the mountain. The last part of the walk is through beautiful mountain terrain. The walk up to Gåstjønna takes approx. 2 hours, so it's best suited for hikers with some experience with the outdoors.
Holsingsetra mountain farm has a 14 foot rowboat in Gåstjønna, and a lavvo (a kind of tent) that can be rented out for accommodation. 

For a great end to the fishing trip, make sure to go by Holsingsetra and eat real traditional summer farm food; sour cream porridge with "Pligg" cured ham.

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