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Escape Room in the Barn: The grave robbery

Escape Room in the Barn: The grave robbery


- Escape room - mystery, fun and games


A thousand years ago - in 1020, Olav Haraldsson was the King. This is who we later call St. Olav. He was not king of the whole country, just Viken (Oslo) and Vestlandet. He really wanted to become king in Trøndelag too, so he travelled around calling the peasants to the Ting (medieaval law assemblies) in order for them to acceept him as their king. He tried many ways, including flattery and silver coins. Those who would not accept him, he took prisoner and beat up. These were uncertain times.

In the year 850 - almost 200 years before Olav became a saint, Brage and Idunn were buried in the Viking grave at Strømnes. We know that Idunn was buried with a special treasure map.

In the year 1020, the burial mound was looted. To loot a burial mound is called a grave robbing. You can still see traces of the grave robbery today - a deep pit in the mound. It is not known who did the looting, but they probably got away with both jewellery and swords - and worst of all, Idunn's treasure map. 

Todya we have excellent methods for finding clues, including the really old ones. Detective Snusen has installed himself with a crime lab in the Hen house. His mission is to find out who looted the burial mound and maybe find traces of the treasure map. He must then deliver this to the Museum of Cultural History. We suspect he has found something and is thinking of keeping the treasure map himself. Right now he's at the store, but will be back in an hour. Can you find the treasure map and determine who looted the grave within 60 minutes before Snusen is back from the store? Snusen is a bit of a trickster, so he probably hid his findings well.

Escape Room is a social game for groups, 2-8 people, where you look for keys, find codes and solve tasks. The most important thing is to work together to find the clues. You must solve the mystery within 60 minutes. Perfect for groups who want to do something fun together - a group of friends, family, young and old. No physical exertion - just working the brain cells that operate with logic.

Number of participants
For groupe 2-8 persons.
Suitable for children 7 - 100 years
Children under 16 must be accommpanied by an adult

Available every day at 13:00, 15:00, 17:00 and 19:00.
The game takes 60 minutes, plus 15 minutes of introduction and 15 minutes of completion.
Must be pre-booked minimum 3 hours in advance.

Price per person
NOK 200,-

For more informtion and booking contact:
Email: Tel: +47 926 10 894



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