Canoeing in Ogna
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Canoeing in Ogna

Canoe trip from Hyllbrua to Støa in Ogndal. Tranquil river that offers great scenery and suitable for family and friends. Bring a snack and camp on the river bank at one of the picnic spots.

Whether you like canoeing alone or with family and friends – a canoe trip is a fun activity in spring, summer and autumn. Steinkjer Municipality Forests Ogndal Bruket KF rents out the canoes and Støa with under roof seating can also be included in the rent. This trip takes you from Hyllbrua to Støa. Quiet water flow provides both intermediate and beginners a comfortable ride with nature close by.

It is about 20 km to Hyllbrua from Steinkjer city center, along Fv 762 up Ogndalen towards Gaulstad and Mokk.
Steinkjer Municipality Forests Ogndal Bruket KF  transports the canoes to the desired starting point.

Distances to Hyllbrua or Storbekken
You can choose to start either Hyllbrua or Storbekken. Endpoint is Støa with adapted seating in a kote/gamme (old fashioned mud hut) included in the rent of canoes. The distance Hyllbrua - Støa is 10 km and will take about 4 hours at a leisurely pace. It is 3 km from Storbekken to Støa and takes about 1.5 hours.

Description of the tour
There is only 3 mteres is height difference in Ogna between Hyllbrua and Støa. The river winds calmly through the landscape with lots of turns and excavations. Along the way there are small islands. The stretch is  organized with several barbeque spots and we ask you use these spots during your food break. There are floating docks and facilities to put the canoes onto the water at Hyllbrua and Storbekken. Here you might see the otters and beavers. You'll feel like you are gliding on the lake. In the spring, birdlife is abundant and a detour to Mytla is recommended. This is a small tributary about halfway on the trip. Here, adults and especially children will have a great experience as nature comes right up to the canoe and resemble a mini-expedition in itself.

Practical information:
Canoe rental: Innherred Tourist Office and Steinkjer Municipality Forests Ogndalsbrukaet KF
Rent a canoe or kayak from the agreed location in the river (life jackets included in the rent): NOK 350 per canoe per day. Use of picnic areas and covered picnic/BBQ place in Støa can also be included in the rent.

Booking and tailor made quote:
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