Guided tour of limestone caves and copper mines, fishing, hiking in the mountains, canoeing, good food and accommodation at a mountain farm; all this is available at Mokk farm in Steinkjer, Innherred in North-Trøndelag.

Mokk Farm is  a mountain farm in Ogndalen, Steinkjer at Innherred in Nord-Trøndelag, just 1 1/2 hour from Trondheim.

Mokk farm is a certified Norwegian Ecotourism Enterprise and is a member of Norges Midtpunkt SA (Norways Midpoint).

Following is a an overview of the various activities available in and around Mokk Farm:

Guided tour of limestone caves at Mokk farm in Steinkjer. Photo: Mokk FarmGuided Cave and Mining Tours
Not far from the farm there are limestone caves and copper mines from the 1700s. Mokk Farm offer guided tours of both the Cave and the mines and provide all the Equipment needed. Highly recommended.



Canoeing in Ogna. Photo: Mokk Farm

Canoing is a fun activity. Rent canoes as described in the link and you can og canoeing in the river Ogna, which runs along the road towards Mokk Farm.


Snow shoeing at Mokk Farm. Photo: LA Holme

Guided Snow Shoeing tour
In Winter, the terrain around Mokk is perfect for skiing, or if you want to try something different; A guided snow shoeing hike.  Available during the day, at twilight or in the evening with a head light.


Dining and accommodation
Mokk farm also offer dining and accommodation.


Hiking – Cabin rental – Fishing
There are excellent opportunities for hiking both during summer and winter. You can follow marked trails through un-spoilt countryside, and perhaps stop at one of the many fishing spots in the area. A popular hiking deestination is Norway’s Geographical Midtpoint. In early spring ice-fishing is very popular. There are plenty of cabins in the Mountains where you can take shelter or stop for a picnic. There is an abundance of small game in the mountains and in the woodlands below the tree line for those who are interested in hunting.

If you are into fishing, Steinkjer Kommuneskoger (Steinkjer Municipality Forest)offer free fishing without a license in 60 lakes and they feature row boats at their cabins in the area. Fishing at Lake Mokkavatnet not far from Mokk farm is also available.


Welcome to Mokk Farm!

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