Are you are looking for organised activities offering speed and excitement, where you need to challenge yourself and be out in the nature? You can choose between mine and cave tours, driving a go-kart or dog sled, climbing, bouldering or snowshoeing in the dark. You decide.

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Sporbryter dog sledding
Join fit and content huskies on a dog sledding adventure in forest and mountain terrain. Our tour prices are all-inclusive. We offer everything from day trips to eight-day trips in and round Blåfjella-Skjækerfjella National Park. We try to provide you a varied nature-based experience with challenges and so you can experience mastering. You can also join us for an event in a lavvu (Sami herdsmen’s tent) including dog sledding.
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Mine tour
You follow the same path from Mokk Farm that the miners used 240 years ago. You will gain an historic insight into the toil and challenges of the day and how mining developed. You will climb at a steady rate 2km up to Gruvfjellet. Using torches, you will explore the mine shafts, which have remained unchanged since the days of mining operations ended. After admiring the wonderful view from the mine entrance, you head back down to the farm. Accommodation, dinner and other activities are also available at Mokk Gård (farm).
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Join us on a guided snowshoeing trek in ideal terrain near Mokk Farm. Snowshoes are easy to use and the sense of being close to nature is even stronger than with skiing. This activity is possible during the day or in the evening (with a headlight). This will be an adventure out of the ordinary. You can also stay or eat dinner at Mokk Farm.
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Trøndehallen – climbing and bouldering room
At Trønderhallen in Levanger you will find a multi-use hall with climbing and bouldering walls. The main climbing wall is 11 m high from the floor, 8 m from the mezzanine floor and the wall contains more than 850 grips. The formation and placement of the climbing wall makes it possible to participate in climbing activities even though other activities are taking place in the hall. The total climbing surface is around 315 m² including 40 m² of fibreglass. The bouldering room has a climbing surface of 100 m², more than 1000 climbing grips and crash mats on the floor.
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Caving at Mokk Farm
When you reach Mokk Farm you can walk to the caves, where you will receive a wet suit, waterproof clothing and a helmet with light. After an introduction about the exciting natural riches of the caves, you will head underground and the daylight will soon disappear. In the giant’s kettle cave, you follow the course of a stream 200 m underground. You can experience dripstones, giant’s kettles and fantastic colours and shapes. After leaving the cave, we continue through waterfalls and deep pools to the next cave. You follow the river upstream, into a cave and after having forced your way through where the cave ceiling almost touches the river you will enter a large rock chamber. In pitch darkness, a 17 m high waterfall thunders into an underground lake. The tough ones take a dip under the waterfall!
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Steinkjer racing park
Do you like driving go-karts or have you never tried before? Head to Steinkjer Racing Park. Enjoy high speed adventures in idyllic surroundings in the valley of Ogndalen. Everyone can drive a go-kart, regardless of age, by individually and in groups. Put your foot on the accelerator and see how fast you can drive a lap.
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