Roktsjøhytta cabin
©Hallvard Smestad

Roktsjøhytta cabin

At Roktsjøsjøhytta in Snåsa you can enjoy the joys of mountain life in peaceful surroundings at the edge of Lake Rokstsjøen. Make your dinner with fish caught in the lake and get energy replenishment in nature with good walks in the area. The outdoor area is excellent for families with children.
There is also a rowing boat included in the rent in Lake Roktsjøen. The fish are small in Roktsjøen, however the chances of catching fish is greater. 

Cabin details
The cabin is of good standard and sleeps 5 people.There are two bedrooms and 40m2. There is an extra mattress in a bed. The sofa can also be used, making it a total of 6 beds. 
This is a self-catering cabin that must be pre-booked. The cabin has solar cell lighting and is equipped with everything needed in a mountain cabin. The only thing you need to take with you is a sleeping bag and personal belongings.
Distance from road: Summer: 0 km Winter: 8 km.

The location of the cabin is a good base for amazing nature experiences. Snåsa offers rich and varied nature. There are excellent conditions for fishing, hunting and fishing.

Exit Rv 763 at Breide and drive towards Imsdalen. Exit RV 763 and take the Roktdalsveien. The side road to the cabin exits Roktdalsvegen approx 8 km from toll road pass at Imsdal.
There is winter parking approx. 1 km from the toll road pass. From there there is a 8 km walk to the cabin.

Roktsjøhytta cabin is located in the forest rich Roktdalen valley on the south side of Lake Roktsjøen.

Rental of the cabin:
The cabin booked on Here you can also buy fishing and hunting licenses. For manual booking there is an invoice fee of NOK50. The cabin is equipped with a key cabinet with combination lock. More information about this and the code can be found on the order confirmation from Inatur after completing the booking.

  • Camping and cottage
    • No indoor plumbing: Vann hentes 40 m sør for hytta. Oppvarming med vedovn. Propangass til matlaging. Husdyr er tillatt.
    • Outdoor privies: Hytta skal ryddes og vaskes etter bruk. Matrester må ikke settes igjen.
  • Capacity
    • Number of bedrooms: Senger og utstyr til 10 pers. 2 Soverom. 1-2 pers kan sove i sofaen. Hytta er 50m2.
  • General facilities
    • Open all year: Bookes på
  • Other accommodation
    • Cabins may be booked in advance
    • Tourist cabin
  • Participants must bring
    • Sleeping bag: Det er puter med trekk.