Historic accommodation at Kulturgården Bjerkem
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Historic accommodation at Kulturgården Bjerkem

Stay in the historic "kårenden"* in Trønderlåna at the Cultural Farm Bjerkem

The house is full of tradistion and ambience - Kårenden was contructed in 1885 while the main house of Trønderlåna is from 1831. 

Kårenden  have 2 bedrooms, a large bathroom and a kitchen. 

Rates: from NOK 1400,- per night
If desired, it is also possible to rent an extra living for NOK. 1 000, - per day.

The gourmet restaurant Experience and the Folk costume museum Bunadburet is located on site.

*historically the house for the retired farmer of the farm
** the main house on a Trønder farm, typically 2 strories, a long and narrow house

  • Room facilities
    • Bath
    • Kitchen
  • Season
    • Open by arrangement