Auskin Kreative Senter
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Auskin Kreative Senter

- A focal point for creative expression!

Auskin is beautifully located in Vuku in Vedal, just off the St. Olav pilgrim path and about 9 km from Stiklestad National Culture Centre and offers accommodation for pilgrims and other travellers. We have 20 beds in rooms with unique and creative designs.

Self-catering is available, as well as washing and drying of clothes and shoes and we have a 100m2 terrace and a separate patio for socialising around the fire.
For pilgrims we have a stock of basic foods, first aid equipment, and sanitary equipment that can be purchased if nearby stores are closed.

The log cabin from 1830 is suitable for shorter or longer stays for couples or those wishing for some solitude

Self-catering or catered
You have the option of self-catering, or choose from a basic menu and get delivered to your door. The cottage is 30 m2 with room for two people, boasts its own kitchenette and bathroom, terrace, wood burning and a large window to the south, in front of which you can sit in and contemplate life.


  • Access
    • Shared bathroom
  • Conference facilities
    • Classroom
    • Conference rooms
    • Meeting facilities.
    • Meeting/exhibition room.
  • General facilities
    • Conference facilities
    • Conference facilities
    • Course facilities
    • Patio: 100 m2 terrace with bonfire place
    • Tumble dryer
  • Kitchen and household
    • Kitchen available
    • Self-catering
    • Washing machine
    • With cold and hot water
  • Other accommodation
    • Accommodation
    • Room