Experience the best that Innherred has to offer at wintertime both inside and outside!

We have made a list of 9 activities that you and your family or friends can enjoy during your winter break in Innherred. If you need more tips, feel free to contact us.

1. Kortmans Lysfabrikk / Pick up cafe

Experience a genuine American atmosphere in Kortmans Lysfabrikk’s retro Pick up cafe! Here you can have a real American burger, onion rings and Coca cola in a glass bottle. With a jukebox and leather seats in pastel colors, the diner is just like USA in the fifties!

Kortmans Lysfabrikk is Norway’s oldest candle factory from 1896 and offers a wide variety of candles, and they also additionally have a broad selection of trays for candles and accessories, gifts, napkins, handmade soap as well as hard candy made from old recipes.
Upstairs (above the store) there is a collection of cultural monuments including fully-equipped country store, 1930s kitchen, and 50s-60s old-fashioned living room, collection of old car signs from all US states, coffee vouchers, food boxes and much more that create a relaxing and good atmosphere. The museum is open during opening hours, and there is free access.

2. Snowshoeing with or without a guide

Take your friends or family on a snowshoe trip in the wonderful hiking terrain around Mokk farm – Perhaps you will experience the majestic Skjækerfjella mountains?

Mokk farm in Steinkjer municipality is a mountain farm rich in traditions. It has serene, beautiful surroundings densely to the naked mountain, bordering Blåfjella – Skjækerfjella national park.

Combine your trip with a sleepover in the cozy farm cabin at Mokk farm.

3. The Golden Road

The Golden Road is just as beautiful in the wintertime – turn off the E6 Røra or Vist and experience The golden road in winter! The businesses along the road offer food, art, and cultural experiences – where both tradition and invention are valued.

4. Ski tracks in Innherred

You have numerous opportunities and trails for skiing while you are here in Innherred.

Go in the footsteps of renowned ski stars and active villagers. Choose a trail that suits your skill level and spend the day together. You could sleep over at a hotel or cabin and have a great time with delicious food and drinks, good conversations and board-games at night. Ask us for help with planning a trip that suits you and your friends best!

What about a ski trip to the geographical center of Norway?

5. Marsimartnan Wintermarket 2.-5. March

A historical winter market in the old wooden house district of Levanger. Marsimartnan is the region’s biggest cultural market with a focus on “Genuine products” In every sense – Shopping, culture, and folk festivals.

Every year the district is filled with travelers from far and near. Here you can experience concerts, museums, the historical Sjøgata, a fun fair, exhibitions as well as local food and drinks.
Disclaimer – due to covid restrictions, a scaled down version of the market might take place this year as well.

6. Stay at a Cabin in the Skjækra mountains

Deep into the mountains without any electricity or mobile phone service, you can live the good life close to nature. Get real close to the majestic Skjækerfjella mountains and feel the warmth in front of the fireplace at nighttime after a day of frolicking in the snow. Detach yourself from the busy everyday life, relax, listen to the wind rustle in the walls and go on a hike if you wish. Bring some friends, a stock of cards, some boardgames, good food and head into the mountains for a weekend! Maybe you will have the trout you reeled in for dinner?

7. Visit a museum

In Innherred there are many wonderful and interesting museums with a wide variety in themes. We have everything from the sculptor Nils Aas, the medieval and viking times, World War 2, open air museums, farm museums, historical buildings, and a photo museum. Absolutely worth a visit!

Let yourself be amused and inspired by one or more museum visits in Innherred! Read on for an overview.

8. Trønderhallen in Levanger

Here you can frolic in three swimming pools, a pool to teach you how to swim, a contest pool and a diving pool with 1,3- and 5-meter-high diving boards. Additionally, there is a water slide and hot tub. On land there is a tanning salon and saunas.

Trønderhallen has several exciting and challenging climbing walls. There is a boulder room available for everyone, even for those without a brattkort (belay certification) and smaller children.

9. Lykkeland, Steinkjer’s adventure centre for young and old

Lykkeland is an indoor playground filled with physical challenges for children of all ages. Everything has been made with them in mind to give them a wonderful experience.

Laserland is an indoors laser game; (Laser tag). It is a game filled with adrenaline and is an activity that fits everyone aged 8-100.

Bowling – 8 bowling lanes, two shuffleboards, a pool table, a restaurant and seating areas. Here you will find everything you need for a nice day or night with your friends, family, or colleagues!