Stock or bone broth boiling, fermenting and baking with sour dough and ancient grains have really emerged from oblivion in the last few decades. Experience the modern version of the craft at Innherred!

Stock, Kombucha and Sourdough

A growing awareness of food traditions, food crafts, “clean food” and good bacteria for the gut, has brought many traditional cooking methods from oblivion. At Innherred you can rediscover several of these with a  modern twist.

PRICE WINNERS AT Trøndersk Food festival in Trondheim 

Several businesses from Innherred have been honored during, among other things, Trøndelag Food Festival and Cheese World Championships. Berg Gård and Inderøy Brenneri have received awards for their Golden Aquavit, with ingredients exclusively from The Golden Road in Inderøy. Marens bakeri is honored for its gluten-free products and Gullimunn As for its organic waffle flour.

During the Cheese World Championships 2017, 2018 and 2019, Gangstad farm dairy from Inderøy won several gold prizes (and silver and bronze) for its cheese while Munkeby Maria Monastery  won super gold for its Munkeby Cheese.

Food from Innherrred -Photo: Lena Johnsen, Inderøymat

Stock – the basis for a good meal

Sodd is the most famous stock-based dish in the traditional kitchen at Innherred. Sodd is made from a stock of cattle and sheep, richly flavored with, among other things, ginger. Inderøy Slakteri makes and sells sodd, stock and fresh meat soup made from genuine stock, directly from its shop in Straumen, Inderøy and in grocery stores all over the country.

Fresh Kombucha

Kombucha is an old traditional drink with bubbles and good taste, which is also good for the stomach! Kombucha is fermented tea flavored with fresh fruits and berries. It contains lots of good bacteria that are needed in a hectic everyday life. At the home farm of Nutrition Therapist Maren Aasen, Gangstad Gårdsysteri, the locally produced Surf Kombucha is sold in bottles and from the tap. Also available in restaurants and grocery stores allo over Norway.

Liv Elin from Gulburet

Liv Elin in the farm shop at Gulburet. Photo: Hanen/Fredrik Solvang

Sourdough – Bread baked with love

Sourdough is an old traditional way of baking. The sourdough works like yeast, but requires time and a loving touch to get good, tasty bread as a result. In autumn and winter, Liv Elin at Gulburet, lalong the  The Golden Road, has both the time and patience to make tasty sourdough bread for visitors and guests. It is also possible to buy flour suitable for making your own sourdough starter!

Cecilie from Gullimunn

Cecilie from Rølia farm and Gullimunn

Local organic ancient grains – Gullimunn

The farms Rise, Rølia, Bjerkem og Grandan Midtre in Innherred joined forces to grow, grind and sell organic ancient grain – old grain varieties with unsurpassed quality and nutritional value under the brand name Gullimunn. Grandan Midtre, which is also the farm where Røra Bakery bakes the well-known Skjenningen flat bread, is where the mill is located. From the three farms in Steinkjer, where the grain is grown, it is taken via the stone mill at Røra in Inderøy, and on to places like, amongst others, ViDu / Marens bakery and Gulburet, where bread is baked and the flour is sold.

Yttervik Farm in Beistad, Steinkjer

Yttervik farm in Beistad, Steinkjer

Courses on offer in Innherred

Do you want to learn grandma and great grandma’s old food craft traditions in the form of fermentation, acidification and stock boiling?

Yttervik Farm outside of Steinkjer offers several courses. None of the old traditions are complicated or difficult. At Yttervik Farm you learn how to do it the old way and what effects it has on your body. The new kitchen is pleasant and personal. Yttervik farm offers courses in:

  • Fermenting
  • Stock boiling
  • Sourdough baking

Baking sourdough with ancient grains
Gullimunn As
holds courses in sourdough baking both at Innherred and elsewhere in the country. For an overview of baking courses, see their website or get in touch if you are interested in courses that are not listed there.