Inderøy butchery shop in Straumen continues this tradition with Inderøysodd. It’s served to order at several restaurants in the region.

Get better acquainted with food from Innherred:


Gangstad Gårdsysteri is well worth a visit. They have won several awards for its cheeses. Another awardwinning cheese is made by monks at Munkeby Maria monastery in Levanger; Munkebyost. Drop by the outlet which is charmingly based on trust or buy a taste at Munkeby inn.

Ristet brød med Edel blå 01.jpg

At Berg Farm their meat produce is processed into tempting sausages flavoured
with locally produced caraway and other exciting spices, Christmas belly pork and pork chops to name a few. Local meat is served at several dining places in the region. Ørens Meieri serve local «mushroom pork» from Leksdal.


In the old days each farm had its own recipe and secret ingredients. This tradition is today upheld by Inderøy Farm Brewery, Gulburet (Inderøy) and Ølve
Brewery (Steinkjer). Malt and hops of good quality helps give the beer rich
flavour and character. Gulburet produce beers on tap. You may even buy
bread with barley mash and beer.


Inderøy Caraway is the inspiration to restarting an ancient tradition; aquavit
distilling. 119 years after the last bottle was tapped at Sundnes distillery,
the tradition resurface at Berg farm, with enthusiasm and forgotten knowledge. What could be better than aquavit and ribs from the same manufacturer?

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Gorge youself on vegetables in all shapes and colours, cultivated under the trønder sky at Ystgård garden centre. Or enjoy them ready prepared at one of the dining places along the Golden Route.

Old grains and baking courses
Bjerkem and Rølia in Steinkjer grow old grains like Emmer, oats, country wheat etc. In the summer, Rølia serves tempting baked goods made from old grains in their summer cafe. Rølia and Bjerkem offer courses in baking with both sour dough and organic yeast, different breads and sweet pastries.


Traditional mountain farm food
Mountain farms in Snåsa are open to visitors during the summer, where you may sample genuine traditional food like sour cream porridge made from fresh milk straight from the cow. In addition, at Holsingsetra, you may buy their farm made products to take away.

Reindeer meat
Snåsa has deep Sami traditions of reindeer herding in the Snåsa mountains. Kafé Midtpunktet in Snåsa serve burger of reindeer and beef, giving you a taste of the mountains and plains.