Christmas in Innherred

Experience old-fashioned Christmas mood at Innherred with Christmas food, Christmas shopping, Christmas activities and Christmas message.

Meetings & Conferences at Innherred

Are you tired of spending time and money organising the next course, gathering or other social activity? We have the solution!

Christmas shopping in Inderøy

This year do your Chrismas shopping in Inderøy . Buy both food and gifts without the stress. The food is locally produced and the gifts are unique along the Golden Route.

Experience the Christmas Market at Stiklestad

Welcome to the Christmas Market "Jul igjen (Christmas again)" at Stiklestad! Bring your group to a Christmas market in historic surroundings in Trøndelag

Mountain Farm Adventures

Visit a summer mountain farm and experience happiness! Taste home churned butter fresh from the cow at the farm, freshly cooked sour cream porridge and let the kids wreak havoc. It is summer and time for a mountain farm adventure!

"Førjul" at Gulburet and Therese Kvam's Vevstue

Join us for an atmospheric pre-Christmas opening at Gulburet and Therese Kvam’s Vevstue

Christmas parties in Innherred

Do you wonder where to book this year's Christmas party? At Innherred you can have yours in a converted greenhouse, on the roof of Inderøy or in a hotel. The Christmas parties are characterised by the Christmas spirit, local food and drink and good hosts.

Christmas Shopping in Levanger

In the timber house city Levanger, you can do your Christmas shopping in small, cozy shops and in the mall.

Gelleri Fenka

Gallery Fenka is a venue for art, history - and cultural experiences, a prison that provides some food for thought.

Snowshoeing at Mokk Farm

Join us on a guided snowshoe trip in the beautiful hiking terrains around Mokk Farm. Snowshoes are easy to walk with, and provides an experience beyond the ordinary.

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