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Snowshoeing at Mokk Farm

Join us on a guided snowshoe trip in the beautiful hiking terrains around Mokk Farm. Snowshoes are easy to walk with, and provides an experience beyond the ordinary.

Round trip in St. Olav's Kingdom - 4 days

Slow road ahead! Join shorter walks along the pilgrim route from Dovre to Nidaros, hear about people and traffic over the mountain and the mountain Vikings' unique burial site in Oppdal. Learn about the period before and after the great battle of Stiklestad in 1030 and the viking and saintly king, Olav Haraldsson.

Pilgrimage - from Munkeby to Stiklestad

Join us as we retrace the pilgrim's journey from Munkeby Monastery to Stiklestad. Discover the fascinating history about Saint Olav and the Munkeby Monastery, which lay on the route between Jämtland and Levanger. You will also gain insight into the French monks who live at Munkeby Mariakloster/Maria Monastery today.

Cheese safari - short

Join us on a food safari to Innherred. Innherred have a lot of good quality cheece to offer and on this trip you can taste the delicious and tasty cheeses from Gangstad Gårdsysteri and visit Kortmans Lysfabrikk and Strømnes.

Cheese safari - long

Join us for a great day trip from Trondheim to Innherred where we visit the Munkeby Herberge in Levanger, Strømnes, Gulburet and Gangstad Gårdsysteri in Inderøy. See great art, eat raclette and taste good cheeses.

Experience Ytterøy - the "Pearl" of the Trondheimsfjord

Join us and explore Ytterøya - the island in the heart of inner Trondheimsfjord, also known as the "Pearl" of the Trondheimsfjord

Experience the history of Norway in two days!

Visit Innherred now offers groups a 2 day journey into St. Olav's kongdom!

Sensous Inderøy

Want to wake up in a cosy cabin just 25 m from the Trondheimsfjord?

Art and culinary journey in Innherred

- A sensory experience!

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