Sheep relaxing in the hammock at Berg Farm, a member of the Golden Road Photo: Magnar Kirknes

Culinary Journeys - Innherred in North-Trøndelag

We have put together various packages with culinary experiences combinded with accommodation and other exciting activities. We hope these will inspire you to come and explore innherred.

Aquavit tasting at Berg Farm-Photo-Pia-M-Lerseth

Beer, culinary - and aquavit experiences

Experience the Golden Road in winter with cosy accommodation at Husfrua Country Farm Hotel, aquavit tasting at Berg Farm and a delicious beer and cuisine at Inderøy Farm Brewery.

Stiklestad Nasjonale Kultursenter Jul igjen Foto: Øyvind Malum

"Jul igjen" Christmas Fair at Stiklestad 3.-4. December 2016

"Jul igjen" at Stiklestand is suitable for the whole family. We have put together a nice package with accommodation, Christmas lunch and entrance to the “Jul Igjen” Christmas Fair.

Finnheimen, Røra in Inderøy Foto: Steinkjerfotografen

Enjoying Innherred in Autumn

Whether you enjoy indoor or outdoor activities, Innherred has a lot to offer you! Hiking, biking, fishing and canoeing in beautiful scenery, staying in a hotel or in a cabin up in the mountains, visiting museums, cultural, historic and culinary experiences - Innherred has something to offer for everyone!

Gangstad farm cheese

Suggested itineraries in Innherred, North-Trøndelag

Do you find it difficult to navigate the jungle of offers in Levanger, Verdal, Inderøy, Steinkjer and Snåsa? We have prepared ​​a couple of itinerary suggestions for you that you can easily follow from A to Å.

Sommermat fra Gulburet, langs Den Gyldne Omvei

Food and culinary traditions at Innherred

Innherred is known to many for its very special dish; Sodd. A traditional dish made after ancient recipe of pure ingredients. It is - and has always been a dish for important family gatherings for generations.

Biking in Innherred

Bike package offers in Innherred, North-Trøndelag

We have put together the best packages Innherred has to offer with or without accommodation. Take the train from Trondheim for a day trip on bike along the Golden Road or spend 3 days on the bike and experience food and history.

Bike Suggestions

There are many exciting bike tours in Innherred. Low incline and little traffic makes the area ideal for cycling holidays for the whole family!

Vikingplay at Stiklestad, Innherred

Welcome to Innherred - Tourist Guide

Tourist guide to Innherred filled with exciting experiences, farm food, nature- and cultural experiences, including Stiklestad and The Golden Road.

The Golden Road

Do you like farm food and local food, art and nature-based experiences? Then you should head to the Golden Road. Maybe you could go on a bike ride.

Pictures from Innherred

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